Jones Family Farm
USDA Pastured Pork

Jones Family Farm raises
all natural USDA
Pastured Pork. With no
added antibiotics or
supplements, we know
you will agree with us
about the noticeable
difference in taste of
pasture raised meats.

The number question we
receive is about our
packaging and how we
go about it. We raise our
pork here on our farm
and then transport it to a
USDA inspected
processor of our choice.
The processor we use is
Certified Humane and
shares the same values
we do in fresh natural
products. Thats why all of
our products are all
vacuum sealed in 1/2 - 1 lb
packages with absolutely
no added preservatives in
our meats.
USDA Pastured Pork

Medium Bratwurst Sausage

Breakfast Link Sausage

Bulk/chub Sausage

Center Cut Pork Chops

Pork Ribs

Loin Roast

Slab Bacon

Tenderloin (limited quantity)

Fat Back

Prices and package information
can be found on the
"Place an Order" page.
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Our pig pastures are divided into two 7 acre pastures consisting of both
cleared land and wooded areas.  One pasture is for the sows, boar, and
piglets, the other pasture is for what we call topping hogs.  When the
sows are ready to give birth, they choose a location in the pasture and
make a "nest".  Yes, pigs make a nest!!  Looks just like a gigantic bird
nest and serves to keep their piglets from wandering off and being cold  
When the piglets have weaned, we move them from the sow pasture to
the topping pasture.  They will stay there until the are harvested.  

Our pigs, being Pasture Raised, have access to all the roots, forage, and
bugs they would like.  In addition, we also feed them all the seasonal
vegetables we have left over from the farm and all the NON-GMO grains
we can grow ourselves and buy locally.  We mix and grind our feed here
on the farm including only minerals

We do not use antibiotics with our livestock/poultry and we do not
support the use of antibiotics as a supplement in livestock drinking
water...EVER!  We use natural and herbal means to treat any and all

Please note:  If our NON-GMO grain supplies run out then we do purchase the only
grains available.  If not, our flock will stop producing and some may deteriorate in
health. This area has a limited (
very limited) quantity of NON-GMO grains being
grown. It is not readily available or even close to it.  Because of this reason, the last
few years we have begun growing our own clean NON-GMO grains and expect one
day to be able to cover all the quantities that we need.  We personally do not support
the use of GMO grains at all, but the alternative is starving our animals. Which would
you choose??