Jones Family Farm
Community Supported Agriculture
What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
Community Supported Agriculture is a community of
individuals who pledge support to a local farm in return for
safe, healthy, and locally grown food. By pledging to support
the farmer at the beginning of the growing season, CSA
members share in the risk of production and relieve the farmer
of much needed time for marketing their product. This allows
the farmer to concentrate on good land stewardship and
growing high quality food.
Jones Family Farm
offers the following types of CSA:

Vegetable CSA                                Meat CSA

Click on one of the links above for details and
Registration Information.
Our Meat CSA is not available
at this time, however, we
would still love to hear from
you if you have an interest in
this type of CSA.  Email us a
quick note at

Thank you!
Now accepting Members for
2014 Vegetable CSA Season!!  

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