Jones Family Farm
Free Range Eggs
Having egg production experience in our family history, we take pride in
continuing and improving our family traditions with Free Range Egg
production. Our hens enjoy both the safety of inside their house with the
freedom to roam outside when they choose during the day. When needed, we
move them to new areas to forage.  

During cold winter months we relocate the hens to their winter house.  This
house gives them both the warmth and protection from the weather
elements, helps greatly with egg production (Hens will not lay if they are
stressed and cold/wet.), and helps us to utilize their manure for fertilizer.  
Having them in this winter house also controls the damage to our dormant
grass/pasture that we would see with this large quantity of chickens
scratching during a wet/cold winter.

In addition to all the plants/grasses and bugs our hens can forage, we also
feed them all the NON-GMO grains we can grow ourselves and buy locally.  
We mix and grind our feed here on the farm including only calcium and

We do not use antibiotics with our poultry and we do not support the use of
antibiotics as a supplement in livestock drinking water...EVER!  We use
natural and herbal means to treat any and all situations.

We love fresh eggs and we want your family to experience "Farm Fresh" .

We also package for wholesale. For more information on wholesale, please
email us at:  

Please note:  If our NON-GMO grain supplies run out then we do purchase the only grains
available.  If not, our flock will stop producing and some may deteriorate in health. This
area has a limited (
very limited) quantity of NON-GMO grains being grown. It is not
readily available or even close to it.  Because of this reason, the last few years we have
begun growing our own clean NON-GMO grains and expect one day to be able to cover all
the quantities that we need.  We personally do not support the use of GMO grains at all, but
the alternative is starving our animals. Which would you choose??
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