Jones Family Farm
Pastured Raised Chicken
Here at Jones Family Farm, we raise our meat
chickens very much like our laying hens (see info
above). We provide them with a house/shelter, feed,
and fresh water. During the day, we open the door
allowing them to roam outside at their will and at
night we close the door for their safety from
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Pastured Raised Chicken   

Whole Chicken w/o giblets  $3.98/lb  
Boneless/Skinless Breast $8.99/lb                                    
Chicken Tenders  $14.00/lb
Thighs  $3.50/lb                               
Drumsticks  $3.50/lb
Leg Quarters  $3.50/lb
Wings $3.75/lb

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Broiler chicks remain in brooder house from day 1 to
3 to 4 weeks of age.  Depending on weather conditions
we move them out to range houses/shelters where the
begin their rotation.  

We make this decision based on when it is the correct
timing or safe enough weather conditions to relocate
the young chicks.
Jones Family Farm broilers are free to roam in the
grass or dirt to forage for what they want.  Plenty of
fresh air, sunshine, and even some rain they have the
ability to "do what chickens do".  

Here we rotate them every week or two weeks
depending completely on when they need to be
moved.  Very simply, if they are running out of
forage, then it is time to move.

They stay in this routine until they are processed.  We
process our broilers for small fryers (around 2-2.5#)
at 5 weeks and larger broilers or cutups (boneless
breast or parts) around 7-9 weeks.  We do hold a USDA
label for "Free Range", however we now process on the
farm under NC Dept. of Agriculture "Small Farm

Our chickens are processed as quickly and humanly as
possible.  We only chill our birds in clean ice water,
never bleach or other chemicals.  

Under NC Dept of Agriculture, we are licensed meat
handlers and legal to process and sell our poultry to
retail customers, restaurants, or stores.
From start to finish, rest assured that we have taken care of
your poultry to provide your family with safe, clean, and
healthy food.

Jones Family Farm
If you are a restaurant
owner/chef or retail outlet store
and would like more information
on our wholesale Free Range
Broilers, please email us at

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restaurant or store name
estimated quantity

Thank you!

For many years now we have been raising Free Range
Broilers, however this 2012 season we will be transition
over to Pastured  Raised.  This decision came only due to the
overwhelming losses we have experienced due to
predators.  Our 74 acre farm sits 2 miles back completely
surrounded by woods and our losses are rising with each
season.  Our hens are now raised in “open air, open floor”
safe houses that we move to new grass daily.  With this
change we are now experiencing safe and stress free hens
and we can now utilize and calculate the exact amount of
fertilizer we receive from our chickens.  In our case, we are
now seeing truly happy and safe hens!